134 Boerum Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Gary graduated from the New York School of Dog Grooming in 2003 and has
worked in the pet industry ever since.  
His own belief that grooming should not be a traumatic experience has led him to
his philosophy of working with not only the dog but the owner as well to achieve a
well balanced relationship between them.  This leads to a more rewarding
grooming experience for everyone.

He also participates in some of the training classes to give owners a complete
home to help their dog enjoy their grooming more.

Gary is constantly on the lookout for new grooming techniques and animal friendly
products to make grooming a better experience for all.
Annie has been a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers since 2005
and in October 2009 became a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Knowledge

Annie believes owning a dog should be a pleasure and is committed to helping
people build a better relationship with their dog.  She believes in building a
training program to suit you and your dog, there is no “one-size-fits-all”

Annie loves pursuing ongoing professional educational development and
seminars.  She attends the annual Association of Pet Dog Trainers
conferences and as many seminars as possible through the year.

Lucy - March 2001 - July 2015
Her Story:
I was born in 2001, not sure what month, I think March and not
Annie & Gary found me at the tender age of 8 weeks old.  It was
onto a nice life; training classes and I even became a certified
therapy dog!  

Nowadays I spend most of my time keeping an eye on the store as
the official greeter and I’m one of the official toy and treat
testers for all my canine buddies!  It’s a rough job but someone has
to do it.  My life is relatively calm in comparison to my wild and
crazy sister Sasha; therefore my bio probably isn’t as big as hers
because I’m the well adjusted one.  Annie & Gary always say I’m a
product of what good training and socializing can do!  I can still have
my moments of puppy zoomies, and I love to be chased!

Sasha - 2001 - June 2015
Her Story:
Annie & Gary picked me out of a shelter in 2002.  I was a bit of a mess; afraid of
men, loud noises, being touched and absolutely NO social skills.   You can say I'm a
good example of training & patience, and I love to test that!

I worked through most of my problems but I still love to bark at anyone and
everything!  It could be the terrier in me. I just love to bark! My major weakness
is my addiction to toy stuffing; you can find it behind the desk on a regular basis
and yes, those are MY toys all over the shop!  

You may see me with different colors as I fly my freak flag in contrast to my
more sedate sister Lucy.  I have been known to let them dye my tail and ears hot
pink and ultraviolet.  I know, its sooo cool