134 Boerum Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Do I need an appointment?
YES!.  We no longer accept walk-ins. Fridays and Saturdays book up very quickly, so if you need a weekend appointment, we advise you to make it at least at
least 2-3 weeks in advance.

How long does it usually take to groom my dog?
Grooming is an experience unique to each dog.  The condition of your dog's coat, their temperament and what hairstyle you would like done are all factors in how
long it takes.  When you drop your dog off for grooming, we can give you an estimated time of completion.  We will call you approximately 15 minutes before your
dog is finished so you can come pick up your pooch right when they are ready. Also, if it is your dog's first visit with us, we will allow extra time so they can
become familiar with us and so that they have a comfortable grooming experience.

What does it cost and what is included?
It depends on what breed of dog you have, what you would like done and your dog’s temperament.  For a list that includes a description of our grooming services
as well as estimated prices, please click here.

What if I’m not sure how I want my dog’s hair cut?
your dog’s lifestyle, how much time you have to groom your dog in between visits, and what you want your dog to look like. The groomer will make
recommendations based on your answers. You can always bring or email us a picture if you have an idea of the haircut you'd like.

What if my dog is matted?
The groomer will do an initial assessment of your dog’s coat.  If mats or knots are present, the groomer will discuss the options available.  If you want to try and
keep your dog's coat at its current length and it is matted, you will be charged a dematting fee of $15/30 minutes in addition to the grooming price.  This is only if
the mats can be taken out without causing the dog discomfort and with the approval of the groomer.  If your dog is getting shaved, you may still be charged a
small dematting fee if the groomer cannot get his clippers through your dog's coat.  The dematting process may be stopped at any time if it is causes your dog
discomfort or pain.  If this should happen, you will be called and the groomer will discuss how best to proceed.

Can I see my dog being groomed?
Yes, you can!  Our grooming room is equipped with multiple windows so you can see from both inside or outside the shop.  The only thing we ask is that you
position yourself so your dog cannot see you while they are being groomed.  If your dog sees you, more than likely he or she will get excited. This can cause
multiple problems such as: an increased risk of your dog being nicked with clippers, increased time to finish your pup, or stressing your pup and making it

What if I don’t like the way my dog looks when he/she is finished being groomed?
Please tell us!  We aim to please both canines and humans, so if you want a little more taken off, let us know and we will be glad to make any minor
adjustments before you leave.  If you decide you want a completely different haircut than what you originally requested, we may ask you to come another day
depending on how busy we are. (Prices may vary for this situation depending upon your dog's temperament and what you would like done.) Requests for
changes must be made within 24 hours after your dog's appointment.

Do you express anal glands?
No, we do not express anal glands. Anal glands are located below the dog’s tail and are usually (and naturally) expressed on their own.  If your dog is having
problems or sensitivity, it is important for your veterinarian to seek out what the underlying condition may be. Manually manipulating anal glands can worsen an
existing problem and should only be done by a veterinarian that determines it is necessary.

My dog is hot and/or shedding too much – should I shave my dog down?
Contrary to popular belief, shaving a dog does not keep it cooler.  Dogs are bred with the coats they have for a reason.  Unless specified by a vet for medical
reasons, we try to avoid shaving certain breeds of dogs down, because it takes away their UV protection.  Also, shaving a dog does not prevent the dog from
shedding; it just makes the size of the hair being shed smaller so it seems like the dog is shedding less.  Also shaving a dog that is not meant to be shaved can
damage the coat or cause it to have a clumpy appearance when it grows in.
If you are concerned about your dog’s shedding, talk to us about our Fur-B-Gone Program to help with this problem.   

Things you can do in between professional grooming to help your dog:
  • If you bathe your dog at home, make sure you brush or comb them both before the bath and after.  This cuts down on knots and mats.  If an existing knot
    or mat gets wet, it will get worse.
skin problems.
  • If money is tight and you want to wait a little longer in between grooms, come in and talk to us- we have options besides a full groom to help your pooch
    stay comfortable.