134 Boerum Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Classes at the brand new Sugar Mutts Rescue facility.

130 Palmetto Street
in Bushwick Brooklyn.

The basic manners classes are offered two different ways -
the first way is traditional: 4 classes over 4 weeks
4 weeks offered on Wednesdays nights from 7pm - 8pm
and the cost is $220 (non-refundable of course).

OR the second way is a Boot Camp Version!
Boot Camp Basic manners is 2 classes held on Friday nights from
7pm-8:30pm and the cost is $180.  

Both versions of the training cover the same material but gives you two different ways to learn.

So if you and your dog need a brush up, you know someone who has recently been adopted by a
dog or want to give someone you know a training gift certificate - now you can!

One of the best things about taking this training class; not only will you be helping yourself and
your dog but a portion of the class fee is donated to Sugar Mutts!!  
So the dogs of Sugar Mutts benefit as well!!