Are you a busy professional who loves the idea of having a dog but right now doesn't have enough time to teach your pooch
need some help getting your dog up to their potential manners? Then this program is for you.

How does this work?

You and your pooch will meet with our trainer for a one and a half hour consultation and discuss goals, how to achieve the
goals, create a training schedule and a training time frame. A personalized package will be created for you and your dog
to achieve your goals. The trainer then comes to your house during the day and trains your dog for you.

We can work on any type of basic manners such as sit, stay, take it/give it, leave it, greeting manners at the door, and
more complicated manners like leash walking.

If you wish to work on behaviors that are not basic, a package can be worked out as well, depending upon the issue.

The entire program consists of the initial consultation, (3) 1 hour long training sessions where the trainer will come train
your dog, a one a half hour review session with you and your dog, and an hour long follow up session two weeks later. If
you feel your dog needs more training after this, the sessions will be discounted.

You will also receive a report on your dog's progress as well as notes on what the trainer and your dog worked on during
the session.

The training can be done in a one week time frame or spread out every week for three weeks; it all depends on how much
time you and your dog have to work together.

Private Day Training (packages start at $500 and include the following):
1.5 hour consultation (with owner)
(3) 1 hour long sessions (without owner)
1.5 hour review session (with owner)
1 hour long follow-up session (with owner)

Additional follow up sessions are provided at a discounted rate.

Brooklyn, NY 11206