work with their dog to make the training successful.  Working with your own dog strengthens the bond you share and this is
something we highly recommend. We now offer Day Training- we come into your home and train your dog while you are at work. A
great option for busy dog owners!

How old does my puppy need to be before I start training?
You should start the training process as soon as you get your puppy!  Your puppy can begin to learn simple things like their name
right away.  We recommend enrolling your puppy into a class as soon as possible.  We believe that a puppy as young as 8 weeks
old can and should join a puppy class safely.  There is an article by Dr. Anderson, that is worth reading to explain why puppy
socialization and training is important even before all rounds of shots have been administered.

How old does my dog have to be before he is fully trained?
This is a tricky question but the honest answer is that you need to work on training your dog its entire life!  Even if it’s only 10
minutes a day, you should work on a certain behavior or trick.  Just like us, if you don’t practice your skills they get rusty and

Can older dogs learn anything new?
Absolutely!  A dog is never too old to learn something new.  With older dogs the training can be modified so you don’t tire them
out too quickly or increase the risk of injury.

How do I know what kind of dog I should adopt?
We recommend doing a little homework before you go out and start looking at dogs or browsing web sites!  A dog is a
responsibility that will be with you for years and you owe it to yourself and the dog to make the most educated decision that
you can.  Be honest with yourself about how much time you will be spending with your new addition to the family, how much money
you want to spend on grooming, and most importantly your lifestyle.  If you are a couch potato then a high energy, never-gets-
tired Border Collie is not the right fit for you!  You can always hire us to help guide you into making the most informed decision